Heat shrinkable tubes (Shrink Ratio 2:1) MINI Reels

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Tags: Heat shrinkable tubes (Shrink Ratio 2:1) MINI Reels

  • Brand: UK Cable-Ties
  • Product Code: KAF-HSTUB-21MR
  • Availability: In Stock

General-purpose, flexible polyolefin heat shrink tubing suited for commercial applications where cost is a consideration. Insulation, wire bundling, and mechanical protection are all common applications.

Buy Heat shrinkable tubes (Shrink Ratio 2:1) MINI Reels order online in UK

that is used to insulate wires. Order best Heat Shrink Tubing from UK Cable Ties.


Material: Polyolefin - Standard wall heat shrink tube

Shrink ratio 2:1

Characteristics: Flame retardant, very good chemical and solvent resistance, excellent electrical and physical properties, anti-static, flexible and high dielectric strength

Applications: Electrical insulation, cable bundling, pipes and wires giving good physical protection

Chemical resistance: Fuel, hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil

Shrinkable temperature: 80°C

Operating temperature: -40°C to +135°C"

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