Heat shrinkable tubes JUMBO Roll (Shrink Ratio 3:1) Adhesive lined

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Tags: Heat shrinkable tubes (Shrink Ratio 3:1) Adhesive lined

  • Brand: UK Cable-Ties
  • Product Code: KAF-HSTUB-31ALB
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Heat shrink tubing with an adhesive or glue coating provides a more lasting enclosure for heavier or more essential wires. Because the material is thicker and less flexible, wires and cables are better protected. If necessary, standard heat shrink can be removed, while adhesive laced heat shrink cannot.

Buy Heat shrinkable tubes (Shrink Ratio 3:1) Adhesive lined online in UK 

that is used in electrical work to insulate wires. UK Cable Ties offers Heat Shrink Tubing.


Material: Polyolefin - Dual wall adhesive lined

Shrink ratio 3:1

Characteristics: Flexible adhesive lined heat shrink manufactured to give a moisture proof seal in a wide range of applications

Applications: Sealing electrical components, cable harnesses, cable ends and splices

Chemical resistance: Fuel, hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil

Shrinkable temperature: 80°C

Operating temperature: -55°C to +110°C Longitudinal shrinking: Less than 5%


3:1 Heat shrink tubing is with Glue lined. In Adhesive format the glue warms during heating  and flows around the joint, the glue then sets to give a waterproof seal & a reliable weatherproof connection.

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